Puri Jagannath who vacated the Mumbai flat because he could not pay the rent?

                       Directed by daring director Puri Jagannath, Liger is a film that opened at the pan-India level with great prestige. This movie was released amid many expectations at the pan-India level with a huge budget. The movie failed to meet the audience's expectations and ended up as a double disaster at the box office. If this movie had been a hit as expected, Puri Jagannath's phase would have returned. In this way, Puri Jagannath released this movie amid many expectations and it has brought huge losses to buyers and distributors. It seems that the distributors who faced losses with this film are putting a lot of pressure on Puri Jagannath to refund their money. It appears that Puri Jagannath, who had a lot of hopes for this film, has invested in the entire film and lost it. Although there is no content in this movie, massive promotions were held and business was celebrated on a large scale. After the release of the Tira movie, the distributors are expressing concern as the movie remains a disaster. Also, it is reported that Puri Jagannath will make Mumbai Kali as this movie brought huge losses. Puri Jagannath has rented a C-facing 4 bhk flat in Mumbai for the film's work. It seems that Puri Jagannath is paying a monthly rent of 10 lakh rupees for the flat, which comes to about 15 lakh if ​​the other expenses are included. It is known that Puri Jagannath is emptying a rented flat in Mumbai in the face of the current losses and it is becoming impossible to live in Mumbai after spending 15 lakhs per month. Puri Jagannath's film Ligar, which had a lot of hopes, dashed the hopes. If this movie had become a hit, Puri Jagannath would have been permanently confined to Mumbai, but it seems that he is coming back to Hyderabad after the success of this movie.


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